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A touching video interview with Ralph Baer


Anyone with an interest in the history of video games should know the name Ralph Baer. As the creator of the first game console, the Magnavox Odyssey -- giving video table tennis to the world before Pong -- Baer was instrumental in the creation of the video game industry. As part of a video series on inventors, a photographer by the name of David Friedman conducted an interview with Baer.

Though the question doesn't appear in the video, Friedman asked Baer if he had "unleashed a monster" in creating the video game console. "Yeah," answer Baer, "I did a bit." He elaborated that the Odyssey was designed as a family activity, something shared with multiple people. Baer is worried that games have "just sort of degenerated into a one player type thing which was never in my mind." Friedman notes that there might still be hope, with consoles like the Wii encouraging people to play together. We would throw the Kinect and PlayStation Move onto the list as well. Let this be a reminder to always teach your children about the importance of co-op.

Watch the brief (and frankly touching) interview above.

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