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Asura's Wrath beats Syndicate in first week sales (with all six fists, presumably)


Asura's Wrath moved 36,000 copies in its first week of sales at the end of February, NPD tells Joystiq. Despite Syndicate's business-savvy nature, the big reboot came up approximately 2,000 copies short of matching the Capcom god destroyer, with 34,000 copies sold at retail in February. As NPD doesn't track digital sales, the launch sales gives us a comparison of each game's commercial performance on consoles (Syndicate also came out on PC).

We're ascribing the disparity to our own reviews of each game, of course, with only a half star difference between the two (which apparently equates to roughly 2,000 units). The two games launched on February 21 in North America and NPD reports sales between January 29 and February 25, giving each game four days of February sales data.

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