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Rogers confirms Lumia 900 pre-orders beginning 'next week': get your wallets ready, Canada

Joe Pollicino

Good news for Nokia fans located in the land known as Canada. Rogers recently took to its Twitter, announcing that pre-orders for the hotly anticipated Lumia 900 will begin at some point next week. If you'll recall, it was last month that Nokia confirmed the LTE-enabled Windows Phone would be arriving on the network in April. We'd be remiss not to remind you that Rogers' registration page for the device notes that those who pre-order their own will receive a special (Batman themed?) surprise, hinting that, "there's a hero rising out of the darkness." If you still haven't registered to be notified about when ya can reserve your own Lumia 900 as soon as it's available, make your way to the source link below. So AT&T, any word official word yet on availability for us folks in the US?

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