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Champions Online previews the new Specialization system

Eliot Lefebvre

Whether or not you're a fan of Champions Online, you have to admit that the game gives players a lot of options in customizing a character. But apparently the designers felt a need to add another layer of customization, hence the upcoming Specialization System. A preview of the system has been posted, giving players a chance to look at the various combinations that will shape your improved abilities, whether you're playing with an Archetype or a freeform character.

Each character will gain access to three different trees to spend Specialization points; the first tree at level 10 based off of your primary Super Stat. The two subsequent trees are unlocked at level 20 and 30; these trees are predetermined for Archetypes and can be freely selected for freeform characters. Each tree offers a number of benefits for given roles, allowing a great deal of flexibility in creating a character build that suits what you like to do best.

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