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Game Gear emulation outclasses the other 3DS Virtual Console games


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With the arrival of a new system on the 3DS Virtual Console -- the Sega Game Gear -- comes a new hardware emulator. And the one Sega and developer M2 put together is really, really nice! Nicer than I'm used to for Virtual Console games, honestly, and including a full suite of tweaks and features.

Do you want to play your game inside a tiny 3D Game Gear? You can do that. Would you like said Game Gear to be a rare limited-edition color variant? You can totally do that too. Excited by the application of more than minimal effort toward the presentation of retro games, I recorded this quick video.

Though I didn't bring it up here, there's also a "performance" option that, I believe, allows for system-accurate slowdown (or lack thereof). I didn't see any difference with Sonic, so it wasn't going to make for great video. Sonic arrives tomorrow on the 3DS eShop, along with Shinobi and Dragon Crystal.

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