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The Repopulation releases second pre-alpha trailer

MJ Guthrie

Tantalized by the little tidbits about The Repopulation that came from last week's GDC? Find yourself hungering for more? If so, today's your lucky day! Above and Beyond Technologies is offering something more to whet your appetite: a second pre-alpha trailer.

Coming in at just under two minutes, the video gives players a peek at a number of the features discussed in our interview plus much more. In accelerated time-lapse format, it displays a bit of the landscape, shows off some nation building, demonstrates a few combat moves (everyone loves a good roundhouse kick, right?), reveals player swimming, and showcases character customization.

Sadly for fans eager to really sink their teeth into The Repolulation, the video ends all too soon. In the immortal words of Oliver Twist, "Please, sir, I want some more."

[Source: ABT press release]

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