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Amazon Kindle app updated for Retina display


Several of the reviews of the new iPad were critical of apps that hadn't yet been updated for the ultra-sharp Retina display. For example, New York Times tech pundit David Pogue wrote that "After enjoying the freakishly sharp text in Mail and Safari, you'll be disappointed in the relatively crude type in, for example, the non-updated Amazon Kindle app. (Amazon says that a Retina-ready update is in the works)". Well, the Amazon Kindle app (free) has been updated, which should make Pogue and the rest of those who were grumbling quite happy.

That's not the only change to the app. According to the update note, there's also a new library design (images below) where you can choose to view your library in a grid view. Any library view can be quickly toggled between cloud view -- which shows all of your book purchases -- and device view, which is used to display only those books that have been downloaded to your iPad or iPhone.

While we won't be able to show you images of the high-resolution text in a Kindle ebook until tomorrow, it's good to know that Amazon updated the app prior to the mass release of the new iPad.

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