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Baldur's Gate teaser site gets a countdown and a soundtrack

Save just appeared back at the end of February with naught more than a poem and a rumor, and it's lain dormant since then -- until now. Just this evening, a countdown has appeared on the site, along with a tune (more on that in a second), both that seem to be hinting at a big reveal coming up in just about twelve hours from now, at 11am Pacific on Thursday morning.

The music, which is reminiscent of the theme from the legendary singleplayer RPG (and sounds great) is indeed linked to a file on, which is former BioWare designer Trent Oster's website, and has previously published an enhanced remake of BioWare's MDK2. Considering that the sound file is actually located at "files/overhaul/theme.mp3," it's probably a good bet that the announcement is some sort of Baldur's Gate remake from Oster's studio, Overhaul Games.

For exactly what platforms however (PC, iOS, or even consoles), we'll have to wait until the official word arrives. The good news is that there's not too long to wait. If you hurry, you can listen to the minute-long theme music about 720 more times before the big reveal arrives.

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