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Breakfast Topic: What's your WoW grudge?


I started off on the Alliance side, and it's still where my mains are. My first character, my paladin, was leveled tentatively and badly, with only minimal skill and understanding. We all have to learn somewhere!

One of my main memories from that period was dying. Dying a lot. I don't know now whether I'd have the skill to do the Ironman Challenge, but I sure didn't then, and things killed me constantly. I didn't understand about aggro linking, where if you taunt one mob, any mob near to it will be taunted too, and I wasn't great at using my abilities. I was holy, to improve the healing, and I didn't have the early damaging skills pallies get now.

This made me angry. So whenever I see Hogger, who must have killed me 20 or 30 times, I take my revenge. It's harder now that he's down in the Stockades, but when I went down there to take the screenshot in the header and killed him, I still thought "Ha!"

And murlocs -- they're high on my grudge list. My God, they killed me a lot. If I encounter a gang of murlocs while I'm out herbing, I'm sorry. They're going down.

I mentioned monsters from the Alliance side, as I really don't know what the Horde equivalent of Hogger and murlocs would be. Do let me know! I'll go and kill them for you.

Should I seek professional help? Do you hold irrational grudges against mobs or bosses that killed you over and over again? And if you do, who or what are they?

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