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New Roku HD shows up at the FCC, looks like a fusion of current boxes


If a recent FCC pit stop is to be believed (and it should), Roku's next-gen HD box may very well be on its way. Physically, the miniature device keeps the same form factor as its siblings save for the purple splash on its base -- much like a color-flipped LT. Still, the main highlight isn't its minimal makeover, but instead the resurgence of full-sized composite outputs, which had been absent since the first HD-flavored Roku. Furthermore, FCC docs reveal a Broadcom BCM7208 CPU alongside 2GB of flash memory in the box's innards, while it lacks the microSD slot found in the current model. More info is sure to spill over the next few days; in the meantime, give the source link below a click to check out the rest of the Federal treatment.

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