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Rusty Hearts adding 'first true raid dungeon' on March 22nd


If the name "Dead Man's Valley" doesn't give you pause while looking up places to travel on your next vacation, perhaps consider a luxury cruise through Rusty Hearts' territory this spring. The hack-and-slash MMO is prepping a major update to the game for March 22nd that will add "the first true raid dungeon" for the game. Dead Man's Valley is an eight-person raid that will represent some of the most challenging content in the game.

Also coming with the update is the latest playable character: a man trapped in a boy's body (insert your own role-reversal jokes here). Edgar Grosvenor is joining the crew of Rusty Hearts as a fierce melee combatant whose skill with the scythe and magic sword are completely at odds with his schoolboy demeanor.

You can see the highlights of both Dead Man's Valley and Edgar's combat technique in Perfect World's latest video right after the jump!

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