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ArenaNet confirms Guild Wars 2 beta invites are in progress


Brooding over your lack of a beta invite for Guild Wars 2? Are you anxiously refreshing your inbox every three seconds on the off-chance that ArenaNet finally came to its senses and opened the door to the best tester in the world (that's you, of course)?

It might help you to know that ArenaNet has indeed begun sending out beta invites for the lucky few who were accepted after the recent 48-hour call to arms. Rubi Bayer confirmed this on Guild Wars 2's Facebook page:
"Yes, beta invitations have begun going out. They'll be sent out over the next few days. Please remember that discussing the beta in any way, shape, or form -- including your status in it -- is a breach of NDA. Don't risk your beta access!"
Keep in mind that whether or not you're admitted to this round of beta testing, you can ensure your place in future beta weekends by pre-purchasing the game.

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