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AAPL closes over $600 for the first time: We respond with poetry


For the first time in history, or at least since Apple went public on December 12, 1980, AAPL has closed at over US$600 per share.

The stock closed on the NASDAQ exchange at $601.10, up a whopping $15.53 (or 2.65 percent) on the day. AAPL opened at about $598 due to off-hours trading in the wake of yesterday's announcement of the Apple cash call. This morning's news disclosing that dividends would be paid to shareholders obviously resonated with the markets. To celebrate, our very own Erica Sadun got all poetic and sent these sweet words of happiness throughout our virtual newsroom:

"If in Apple's stock you invest,
today it has achieved the best.
Gone up past six hundred, in case you had wond'dred,
now you can retire and rest."

Or how about this "News in Haikus"?

"AAPL Dividend.
Stock is up past six hundred.
Good investment, no?"

And this final piece of limerick doggerel:

"Up $15.53 on the day,
investors all saying HOORAY!
Most in after hours last night, still to their delight,
dividends are soon on their way."

Think you can do better with the poetry? Let's see your attempts in the comments.

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