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38 Studios staffing up with MMO vets for Amalur


Now that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is out and available, 38 Studios may be in a position to return to its storied "Project Copernicus." A few recent hires at Curt Schilling's studio make it seem that way. 38 has picked up both John Blakely, who worked on DCUO and Everquest 2, and Mark Hanson, who was involved with the now-extinct Lego Universe Online. Blakely will serve as 38's senior VP of development, while Hanson will be senior VP of operations and business.

Of course, both of those positions are fairly high up on the management chain, so they don't necessarily mean that 38 is right in the midst of Copernicus' main development just yet. But given that Kingdoms is out with solid sales numbers to back it up, it wouldn't be too surprising to see 38 Studios itching to get rolling on its MMO title set in the land we now know as Amalur.

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