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Sine Mora, Rayman 3 HD, Human Revolution, more this week on XBLM


Digital Reality's super-serious shooter Sine Mora arrives on XBLA this week, along with Rayman 3 HD, starring a character with unrealistic digits. Those will be here tomorrow; meanwhile, today on Games on Demand, you can get Deus Ex Human Revolution (a game about augmented-reality digits) and Kinect Sports. But we suggest hanging on to your Microsoft Points, as the service will host some kind of "Games on Demand Sale" next week, starting March 27. This week, it's half off "certain" THQ content and BioShock 2 DLC.

DLC for existing retail games includes Operation Raccoon City's exclusive "Nemesis Mode," Kingdoms of Amalur's "Legend of Dead Kel," and -- oh yeah -- the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection.

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