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Life-size inflatable Portal turrets: the secret to a sophisticated home

Jordan Mallory

There are plenty of shows on HGTV that will try to convince you their opinions on decorating are the end-all, be-all definition of tactful home decor, but that just ain't true. In fact, we doubt any decorating show currently broadcast today would recommend these new life-sized inflatable Portal turrets from Think Geek, even though they're clearly the coolest.

At $24.99 a pop, these 40-inch replicas can add a touch of sophistication to literally any room in your house, provided said room isn't located in the vacuum of space -- these are inflatable, after all. Best of all, these helpful sentries aren't produced in limited quantities like some other Portal merchandise we've seen lately, which means your only decorating limitation is the depth of your wallet. Remember, nothing says class like the incredibly specific smell of inflatable plastic toys.

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