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New iPad already five percent of iPad web traffic


According to mobile ad network Chitika, Apple's new iPad, which has already sold millions of units despite being available for less than a week, is already blowing up in network usage. The latest numbers from the ad network say that more than five percent of the total iPad traffic is from just the new iPad. Five percent isn't a huge number overall, but considering that's the dent Apple has made with a new unit in just five days, that's pretty huge.

The company has actually set up an "iPad tracker" where you can see what percentage of the ad network traffic over the last 24 hours the new iPad is currently responsible for. As you can see there, these numbers are for iPad traffic only; the five percent figure is only being compared to the traffic used by the iPad 1, 2, and 3 (the new iPad). Still, the other two models have been out for much longer, so it's fair to say that the Retina Display and all of the new iPad's other selling features are really lighting a fire in consumers for this product.

[via BGR]

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