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Gamestop sees 'modest increase' to 'all-time high' sales of $9.55B in fiscal 2011


GameStop's total global sales reached $9.55 billion for the fiscal year (ending January 28, 2012), a "modest increase" from the same period last year, in which the company reported "all-time high" revenues of $9.47 billion.

Due to some adjustments, GameStop added a mere $339.9 million to the moneybin this year, compared to its record net profit of $408 million in 2010 -- still, we understand that's plenty of cash to swim around in.

The company also revealed that digital receipts grew 57 percent during the year to $453 million. GameStop explained to us earlier this year how it turned the digital market into a physical cash system and how publishers are reaping the rewards.

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