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Bioshock film adaptation loses director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Jordan Mallory

It's been a couple years since we've caught wind of any movement on the Bioshock movie adaptation announced back in 2008. Last we heard, pre-production on the film had been halted while discussions were held regarding the project's necessary budget and potential rating upon release.

Those talks are still ongoing, but once-attached director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has apparently run out of patience. "To be honest, by now, I'm completely out of that, and developing other stuff," Fresnadillo said in a statement to The Playlist. "Right now it's on hold. The studio and the video game company, they have to reach some kind of agreement about the budget and the rating."

Here, Hollywood, allow us to resolve four years' worth of negotiations in four seconds: Make Bioshock's budget "all of the money" and let it have an R rating. Problem solved.

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