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Epic Mickey 2 controllers invoke the power of the brush, are made for you and me


Do you like your M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E with a side of eXtreme? So do the developers at Junction Point, which is why a sequel to the mouse's first Epic is on its way. But the impending release of that title's not all grown-up Mouseketeers-cum-gamers have to look forward to, as two special WiiMote peripherals are also apparently on deck. Shown off at a preview event for Epic Mickey 2, the prototype accessories are made to mimic in-game "weapons," like Oswald's controller and Mickey's paintbrush. The designs aren't final, but as you'll see in the source below, they should make for an excellent addition to any diehard's Disneyana collection.

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