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Rampant Speculation Theatre presents: 'Xblaze' announced by Arc System Works

Jordan Mallory

Arc System Works, the development house responsible for the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of fighting games, has announced the first entry in what it mysteriously refers to as its "Adventure Project." The game, Xblaze, will be released this fall on unknown platforms in unknown regions, and may tie in with the BlazBlue universe/mythos.

No further information is yet available, so at this point the game could be virtually anything. In true Rampant Speculation Theatre fashion, our hastily concocted educated guess is as follows: It will be revealed that the "X" in Xblaze is actually pronounced "cross," ala Street Fighter X Tekken. Yes, Xblaze will be the first cross-over fighting game ever to cross over with itself, pitting characters from BlazBlue against characters from, uh, Blazblue.

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