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Japanese hardware sales, March 12 - 18: Mad Men edition

Jordan Mallory

Tonight is the two-hour Mad Men season premier on AMC, and what better way to celebrate Our Mrs. Reynolds' long awaited return to prime-time television than by playing a YouTube-based pixel-art Choose Your Own Adventure game about the show? Conveniently, such a game has been embedded above for your enjoyment.

For those of you who aren't current with the series, I should warn you that while satirical, Mad Men: The Game does contain minor spoilers, so you may want to hold off on playing until you're entirely caught up. Also, how can you not be caught up? You've had literally years to get up to speed. Get out of my office.

3DS: 64,017 [DOWN] 4,934 (7.16%)
PS3: 27,900 [DOWN] 6,916 (19.86%)
PSP: 18,633 [UP] 2,457 (15.19%)
Vita: 10,021 [DOWN] 20 (0.20%)
Wii: 8,127 [DOWN] 195 (2.34%)
PS2: 1,165 [DOWN] 198 (14.53%)
Xbox 360: 1,145 [DOWN] 145 (11.24%)
DSi LL: 853 [UP] 3 (0.35%)
DSi: 617 [UP] 115 (22.91%)

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