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The Secret World's lead designer explains abilities, skills, gear, and more

Jef Reahard

Funcom's been pretty quiet since its GDC reveal of The Secret World. Today, though, lead designer Martin Bruusgaard has dropped the smack down on the information void via a lengthy blog post on the game's official site.

You'll probably want a couple of caffeinated beverages for this one because Bruusgaard has a lot to say about The Secret World's abilities, skills, gear, progression, and crafting systems. We would try to summarize it for you, but we'd still be typing this time tomorrow, so suffice it to say that basically every mechanical question you have about the game is at least touched on in this post.

There are plenty of interesting tidbits too, like the fact that TSW is shaping up to be one of the more non-linear experiences to be found among the latest crop of AAA MMORPGs. "The players are free to go wherever they want from the beginning, but they will most likely get their ass handed to them in the more difficult zones," Bruusgaard explains.

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