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Champions Online cuts the craft in favor of the mod scene

Eliot Lefebvre

Whether or not you're fond of Champions Online, you probably don't like the game's crafting system. Almost no one does, and apparently not even the developers have been terribly pleased with it. That's why the game is putting that system aside and replacing it with a new system. The Mod and Fusion system will work more along the lines of gear slotting as found in other MMOs. Certain gear comes with slots for Mods, and by combining Mods via Fusion, you can produce more powerful enhancements.

The old crafting skills, meanwhile, tie into the new method of fusing Mods by helping you create stronger Mods and harvest new ones. Extant crafters will also be integrated into the new system; all existing crafted benefits will stay in place (although new ones won't be available), and the crafting-specific travel powers and bags will be moved to other vendors. It's a pretty radical reinvention of the game's current dynamic, but it will hopefully make the game a bit more fun for crafters and non-crafters alike.

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