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MetroPCS raises unlimited LTE data plan to $70, starts throttling others


Enjoying those quick, all-you-can-browse speeds on your LG Connect 4G? Well, it looks like soon you'll have to shell out a bit more cash to hold onto that beloved unlimited service. Earlier today, MetroPCS laid out the scheme to hike the pricing on its no-limits LTE offering, adding an extra $10 to the monthly fee. As for the others, the new $60 plan will now see a "soft" cap at 5GB of LTE data, while the lesser $50 and $40 deals are set at 2.5GB and 250MB, respectively. MetroPCS says you shouldn't worry, though, and that things "like Facebook, web surfing, etc., should continue to be solid." Good thing "solid" is unambiguous, right?

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