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Motorola Webtop 3.0 beta captured on video, running off Droid RAZR with ICS

Sharif Sakr

We were pondering Motorola's LapDock widget just recently, after seeing a similar Phone-becomes-PC concept based on Ubuntu. Now, due to some happy coincidence, a video has appeared on YouTube claiming to show a leaked update to LapDock's accompanying software -- Webtop 3.0 beta. This version is shown running off the Droid RAZR rather than an Atrix, and it's now based on ICS with a customized version of the stock browser instead of Firefox. There's a lot that's right about turning a smartphone into the engine of a more PC-like experience, especially as docking accessories get cheaper, so hopefully this is evidence that Motorola's software people really are about to try something new.

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