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Massively's Easter event roundup: 2012 edition

Jef Reahard

Whether you're an Easter traditionalist or you simply need an excuse to eat a chocolate bunny, it's that time of year again. It's also time for a few of our favorite MMO devs to don their silly hats and introduce all manner of egg hunts and contests into games like RuneScape, Runes of Magic, and World of Warcraft.

That's just the tip of the Easter event iceberg; you'll find several more festively inclined titles in our roundup after the cut. Before you hop on over, have a look at the two bunnies above and repeat after us: d'awww.

WoW's Noblegarden 2012
WoW Insider brings you the most complete coverage of WoW's annual Easter event.
Guild Wars' Sweet Treat Weekend
Sweet Treat Weekend is a special event that coincides roughly with Easter weekend. During the event, PvE foes have a chance to drop a Golden Egg and/or Chocolate Bunny in addition to their normal drops.
Runes of Magic Easter sale
Budding, green springtimey goodness is here! Just in time for Easter, we're offering festive costumes, cuddly pets and a surprise or two, all at the low price of just one Diamond in the One-Diamond Shop!
EverQuest II Beast'r baskets, double XP
SOE gives us special Easter baskets with cloaks, caps, and a weekend of double XP/Station Cash.
Nexon celebrates Easter in Vindictus
From March 28th to April 11th, you'll be able give the Easter Bunny your custom-dyed Easter Eggs for a collection of rabbit-like rewards!
RuneScape's Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Bunny is missing and presumed dead, and the Easter eggs he left lying across RuneScape are the target of the Evil Chicken and Chocotrice's wicked wager: to find out who can turn the greatest number of adorable little chicks into diabolically delicious snacks!
Atlantica Online's Easter Egg Craving
From March 28th to April 12th, 2012, you'll want to collect Easter eggs. You'll get some just for logging in, and you'll also get some for completing League Matches. Once you've collected enough eggs, you can trade them in for boxes that contain some great prizes!
Dragon Nest's Egg Extravaganza
Ah, doesn't springtime make you think of bright, happy things like egg hunts, sunshine, fresh rain showers, and rainbows? Obviously, it makes us think of those things, which is why we're holding a weeklong extravaganza of rainbow-themed events!
Scarlet Legacy's Easter Blast
It's Easter Time in Scarlet Legacy! Time to hunt for eggs! From April 4th until April 17th, you can participate in our easter treasure hunt in Yang City. To get started, visit Pascal the Easter Event Admin in Yang City.

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