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'Pac-Man Smash' trademarked in Europe


Namco Bandai filed a European trademark (number 010786341) for something called "Pac-Man Smash!" suggesting that, finally, Namco is making a spinoff game based on Pac-Man.

All right, maybe there's not enough information in the trademark listing to do much other than joke about the ubiquity of games starring Pac-Man, but the trademark does at least specify that it's for a video game (or card game, toy, or "gymnastic and sporting articles.)

The majority of Pac-Man-themed games end up on mobile or iOS these days (Pac-Man Arcade Golf, Pac-Man Kart Rally, Pac-Chain, etc.) so that's a likely destination for whatever this turns out to be. We're attempting to corner Namco now to ask about it, before the publisher can find a Power Pellet and turn on us.

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