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Star Command beams in this summer


Star Command is estimated to launch this July or August, according to the co-founders of developer Warballoon. The game, which had its first public showing this past weekend at PAX East, will launch with the "Rise of Antorians" story, followed by the "Cortexian Campaign" in October.

Warballoon co-founders Justin and Jordan Coombs told us updates will be free for the game, as they plan to expand the Star Command universe and want to bring everyone along for the ride.

The PAX East demo for the starship simulation showed off how combat in the game works, as Antorians (a humanoid ant race) invaded the ship and started a blaster fight with the crew. The Antorian ship also got into the action and attacked, while members of the engineering crew had to handle fires and loss of cabin pressure. The Warballoon team already told us they are switching to a far more context-sensitive interface system after observing players at PAX East.

The game is also officially heading to iPad, since the team ported it to the platform after realizing they didn't want to pass around their personal phones to demo the game at the show.

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