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Apple prepping London stores for 2012 Olympics

TUAW has learned that Apple has quietly begun making preparations for the "onslaught of journalists" that are set to arrive in London for the 2012 Olympics, which are less than four months away.

A high-level Apple retail employee here in London told me today that the company is planning to stock its London area retail stores with international replacement MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook keyboards. This way, the retail outlets will have the spare parts on hand should international journalists need a quick turnaround on a damaged laptop.

As my source told me, "London is going to be overrun by an onslaught of journalists when the games begin. We want to be prepared should they need help with their equipment during the time they are here."

Over 10,000 print journalists -- a large number of them Mac users -- are set to descend upon London when the games begin on July 27. That's not even counting all the professional videographers, TV and radio reporters and editors, photographers, bloggers, and new media journalists. However, press won't be the only Mac users coming for the games. With an expected extra 325,000 daily visitors to London for the games, Apple wants to be fully prepared to take care of all of its users.

While my source could only confirm at this time that London area stores will be stocking international replacement MacBook keyboards on hand, I was also told that Apple is considering carrying stock of MacBooks with American, Asian, and other international keyboards in the London stores. The stores can take advantage of the expected rush of international shoppers that may pump millions of GBP into the high street shops.

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