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Phil Hassey's Anathema Mines renamed Dynamite Jack, gets a trailer


A little while ago at GDC, I sat down with Galcon creator Phil Hassey. He showed me a game he called Anathema Mines that was a stylish take on stealth action, with a fun mechanic of blowing up walls (as long as you could keep out of the reach of flashlight-wielding enemies). Apparently he's done a lot of work and a little bit of brand tweaking to the title, because it's now called Dynamite Jack, and you can watch the official trailer below.

It looks fun, and also looks basically the same as the game I played at GDC (though obviously then it wasn't quite as done yet). Hassey told me the game would be ready for iOS as well as Windows and Mac around release, and he also said that he was aiming for iCade support as well. The latest launch date on the project is sometime in May, so we'll keep an eye out for it then.

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