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LogMeIn enters cloud storage arena with Cubby


Remote access giant LogMeIn is taking on Apple iCloud and DropBox with its latest move into the cloud storage arena. Cubby is now a website, a Mac server, and an iOS application. (Android and Windows apps are also available.) Like LogMeIn's recent JoinMe site and app, Cubby's focus remains on remote collaboration and group work.

The service differentiates itself by providing a folder-by-folder opt-in feature, so you can choose what items you need to share rather than having to set the focus around a specific DropBox-like central folder. And, of course, there's standard LogMeIn 256-bit SSL security to keep your data safe.

You can apply for a beta account by submitting your email address at their website. Basic accounts include 5 GB of free cloud storage to share with the world, plus unlimited syncing across your own devices using your home computer as a server.

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