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Marvel and Rockstar developing free digital Max Payne 3 comic


If Max Payne were a superhero, he'd probably be named Shooter, and after a stint in a time paradox where he fights dinosaurs and artificially intelligent robot armies over a period of 15 years, he'd come back from the "dead" with a new superhero name: Balder.

Or he'd just be called Max Payne.

Rockstar and Marvel are taking that second suggestion with a new three-part digital comic series to "delve into Max's troubled past," covering events in Max Payne and Max Payne 2, leading up to Max Payne 3. Original Max Payne writer Sam Lake is co-authoring the series with Rockstar bossman Dan Houser, who is penning the game itself. The comics will feature pencil and inking by Fernando Blanco and cover art from Greg Horn, among others.

The Max Payne 3 digital comics will be available for free on Rockstar Newswire, the official Max Payne 3 site and "additional digital comics channels." The first issue is called "After the Fall" and will launch in the next few weeks, Rockstar says.

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