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TERA ramping up the early-level challenges

Jef Reahard

We all know that TERA's combat does things a little differently from the MMORPG norm. According to a new update, though, that's not all there is to the game's unorthodox approach.

En Masse Entertainment is highlighting something it calls improved early play, which in a nutshell means that fresh-face Arborean avatars won't be killing 10 rats or delivering 10 rat tails while serving time on the TERA equivalent of a newbie island. Instead, the game's playable prologue "starts you right in the middle of the action: a beachhead under assault by demonic forces. It's not just a cutscene," En Masse says. "You'll be fighting big-ass monsters within minutes, learning the controls as you go."

The piece goes on to talk about how challenge in TERA is actually challenging thanks to new tactics and deadlier attacks from low-level critters. Read all about it on TERA's official site.

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