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Toshiba pushes AT270 Tegra 3 tablet through the FCC, gets Excited


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If a pair of hands-on treatments and an official press release somehow aren't enough to convince you that Toshiba's 7.7-inch slate is ramping up to a public debut, take it from the government: the Excite 7.7 just hit the FCC. This thin (0.3-inch) Tegra 3 tablet sauntered through CES without so much as a model number, eventually picking up the name AT270 at Mobile World Congress and finally snagging itself a spot in Toshiba's Excite series earlier this month. Its siblings are making their way through the FCC as well, offering 10 and 13-inch variations on the $500 slab. Salivating? Keep your mouth closed, this little number doesn't hit stores until June 10th. Of course, if Federal documents can satiate your appetite, satisfaction is but a source link away.

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