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Skype recruiting Xbox developers for 'next generation services'


A llsting on Microsoft's job site reveals that it's looking develop Skype products for the Xbox. The company has kept pretty quiet on its plans for integrating its Skype purchase into its various hardware pockets. While a beta for Windows Phone continues to tick along, this is the first salient sign that Skype and Xbox are looking to team-up. According to the listing: "As a member of the Skype Xbox Engineering Team in London, you will have a strong technical background developing client and/or embedded software." On top of those recent vacancies for browser-based Skype engineers, it's no stretch to see Skype bringing its telephony skills and heavily integrating them into Xbox Live, also giving the internet phone group a huge inroad to people's living rooms. However, the job ad doesn't clarify whether the result will be a simple stand-alone Skype client or something with a little more spice. We'll have to wait for some successful applicants.

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