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Video suggests future weapons for new Call of Duty


The Call of Duty teaser site is still counting down to a full unveiling on May 1, but in the meantime, it's opened up a link to this YouTube video of the "FPSRussia" show. In the episode (of what appears to be a real YouTube video series), the host demonstrates a "Prototype Quadrotor," and uses the attached machine gun to blow some stuff up.

The host refers to the quadrotor as a prototype of technology that isn't available yet. "But if you can't wait another 15 years," he said, "my friends are telling me that it might just be in the next Call of Duty game, which would be the shit." Tags for the video include "call of duty future weapons" and "near future warfare."

This information suggests two things: first, that the new game is called "Call of Duty: The Shit," and second (and more realistically) that a near-future setting will be featured in at least part of the new game.

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