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Get lost in TERA's Labyrinth of Terror


TERA is now less than a week away from launch, and fans of the action-flavored MMO are anxiously waiting to set foot in Arborea. Today, En Masse Entertainment has decided to give us a sneak-peek at one of the high-level dungeons those players can expect in their distant futures: the incredibly foreboding Labyrinth of Terror. Insert your own mad-scientist cackling here.

The Labyrinth of Terror is the dominion of one of the game's big-bads, Killian, and he apparently has a bit of a thing for homicidal entertainers. Twisted jesters and maniacal musicians are just a preview of the fare you'll sample on your way to the main course of Killian's clown-in-command, who also happens to be responsible for the murder of a prominent Amani commander. Go check out the full features to get a leg-up on Killian's circus of crazy.

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