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Dragon Quest X goes online in Japan August 2


Dragon Quest X, the Wii continuation of Square Enix's real flagship series – and the one that is an MMO this time – will launch in Japan on August 2, Square Enix announced today. The base retail price for the actual disc and stuff is ¥6,980 ($86); this includes 20 days of free play. A limited edition will include a USB memory stick for an extra ¥2,000. A Wii U version is still on the way, but all details are "undecided."

Of course, there are also the fees to contend with. For ¥1,000 ($12.35), you can get a 30-day voucher allowing you to play with up to three characters; 60 days runs ¥1,950 ($24), and 90 days costs ¥2,900 ($36). Wii Points can also be used to buy DQX time, in equivalent denominations.

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