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Customize your guild bank icons with this handy script


Have you ever wanted to customize your guild bank icons but been daunted by the sheer number of icons to choose from? The default interface for picking icons isn't very easy to navigate. There are hundreds of icons, and they're not searchable or sortable. Trying to find the icon you're looking for is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, not every icon in the game is even listed in the default interface!

There's a better way to assign icons to your guild bank tabs. With a simple script command, you can assign any icon that's in the game to any one of your tabs. The first step is to identify the icon you want to use. Wowhead is your best bet here, as it's got the icon files for every spell, item, and achievement in the game. Find the ability that shares the icon you want to use, and then click on the icon image to grab the specific icon identification string, like "spell_nature_bloodlust" for Bloodlust.

Once you've found your icon string, it's time to apply it to your guild bank tab. Here's the command you'll use:
/script SetGuildBankTabInfo(1,"Materials","spell_nature_bloodlust")
Replace the number 1 in the script with the tab you'd like to alter (the tabs are numbered 1 to 7, top to bottom). Replace the word "Materials" with whatever you'd like the tab to be named. (Surround it with quotes, but don't use any other punctuation.) If you want to keep the same name, just type the same name into the script. You can always rename it after the fact as well. Finally replace the icon string with the one you picked (again, in quotes).

To run the script, just copy and paste it into your chat window and hit enter. That's it! You can also type it in manually if you prefer. Remember that you'll need the appropriate guild permissions to edit your guild bank tab info, so you might have to have an officer run the script for you. Once completed, your guild bank will have awesome new icons for you and your guild to enjoy.

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