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Elsword celebrates first anniversary with cake

Jef Reahard

It seems like every other day is an MMO anniversary around these parts. Next on the list is Elsword Online, the free-to-play side-scrolling manga actioner from Kill3rCombo.

"As with any new business venture in North America, we were both apprehensive and hopeful that online gamers would receive Elsword as well as audiences overseas have," says Kill3rCombo CEO Ben Colayco. "Now, as we celebrate Elsword's first anniversary, we are proud that the game continues to grow and has found its niche within the gaming community."

The firm is not only proud but in a giving mood if the in-game anniversary festivities are any indication. Players can enjoy reward-filled anniversary cubes, hit point recovery cake, limited edition coins, play-time bonuses, and increased drop rates. All of this is ongoing through May 8th, so log in now to join the celebration.

[Source: Kill3rCombo press release]

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