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Edgewater WiFi3 hands-on


Edgewater may not be a familiar name for even the most tech savvy, but its WiFi3 chipset is poised to propel the wireless industry beyond the limits of traditional access point tech. Aiming to leap past the low power solutions provided by the likes of Cisco, the company's developed a proprietary standard that delivers multiple channels per radio -- three channels over 2.4GHz in the showfloor demo -- versus the typical single channel currently employed. The chipset's not necessarily an end consumer product as it's intended for use by carriers, enterprise and ISPs, but it does stand to clear up the clutter when network congestion gets unwieldy. Check out our galleries below for a closer look at the outfit's next step in wireless infrastructure.

Gallery: Hands-on with Edgewater's WiFi3 | 9 Photos

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.

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