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TERA writer discusses the labor of love behind game writing

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a conception among some gamers that working with video games for a living entails more "video games" than "working." A new development diary by TERA's writing team manager David Noonan is quick to disabuse readers of that notion. He does see the job as a labor of love, but he also freely admits that every day brings the question of how much time will be "love" and how much time will be plain old "labor."

Noonan explains the way that he and his team look at bug reports relating to their department. Sometimes, the only thing that needs to be changed is a simple typo; other times, the dialogue of an entire quest chain will need to be rewritten from the start. But that doesn't negate the joy of filling in a story and creating a world, from the major quests down to the item names. If you have an interest in TERA's writing, game writing in general, or both, Noonan has some interesting insights to share.

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