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Energizer Universal Multi-Port and Portable charger hands-on

Zachary Lutz

You know the drill: it's Friday night and your smartphone's battery is down to a mere three percent. Here's the twist, though -- if you had Energizer's Universal Multi-Port or Portable Smartphone Charger handy, it wouldn't be a problem. The company is preparing to unleash both of these products this fall, and we quite like 'em. The Universal Multi-Port Charger ($76) carries a 5,000mAh battery, packs two USB ports and is able to deliver a total of 15W output, which means -- yes -- it supports quick charging. Meanwhile, the Portable Smartphone Charger ($55) holds 2,500mAh in its reserves, though it only has one USB output and will deliver 5W max. Both products feature a very nice soft touch, satin-like finish and the cables feature magnets for simple management of the clutter. Curious to see more? Just check the gallery below.

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Sean Cooper contributed to this report.

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