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New Virgin Canada Smartphone plans give you six of one thing, take half a dozen of another


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It looks like Virgin Mobile Canada could be rolling out a new set of tariffs, which seem to take as much as they give. According to the blurry promo materials received by Mobile Syrup the new Smartphone plans offer slightly fewer minutes, in exchange for an extra hour's slice of "evening" time. The current $50 per month plan gives 200 anytime minutes, with unlimited weekends and early evenings from 6pm. Under the new scheme, you'd only get 150 minutes, with the evenings rolling in at 5pm instead. The $60 plan gets the same loss in minutes in exchange for the extra daily hour, plus a 500 MB data allowance bump. A new $55 option has also been created for those that still want a nice round 200 minutes. The plans are said to arrive tomorrow, so if you think you prefer things as they were, better get on it.

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