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Storybricks alpha video shows how you can choose your own adventure


Ever since the Storybricks toolset was announced, a common question people have had is, "That sounds great, but how easy will it be to actually make my own MMO world? Will I need to be a master programmer or something?" The answer is, apparently, quite easy. The Storybricks devs took a few minutes to put together an alpha gameplay video showing how simple it is to set up complex social interactions between characters.

As players piece together the "bricks" that dictate a character's mood, actions, and responses to the player, every encounter in the game turns into a "choose your own adventure" that has a variety of outcomes.

One of the situations that was shown is that of a player encountering an irritated wizard. In the first attempt to interact with him, the player pesters the wizard, which prompts the wizard to unleash a zombie. If the player apologizes, the wizard is astonished, unsummons the zombie, and asks to be the player's friend. But in a second attempt, the player chooses to zap the zombie instead and then punch the guard that comes to investigate. This outcome leads to banishment from the city.

Storybricks is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. It's certainly a promising system fraught with possibilities, so give it a look-see after the jump!

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