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Mob Rules Games launches Kickstarter for Haunts: The Manse Macabre


There are plenty of horror-themed video games out there, but not many can claim to be a turn-based haunted house. Enter Haunts: The Manse Macabre, the first game from Mob Rules Games, a studio founded by Cryptic Studios vets. Voted by fans to be the studio's first project, Haunts has one team investigating a haunted mansion, while the other team tries to put an end to those who would invade their home.

Haunts features a single-player campaign and online multiplayer for Mac, PC and Linux. The visuals are inspired by the work of Harry Clark and Edward Gorey, artists known for their iconic, creepy illustrations. The intruders choose a goal – recovering a specific artifact from the mansion, for example – which is unknown to the opposing team. Each team also selects its units in secret, making every game different.

Having raised over $40,000 from other sources, Mob Rules Games is running a Kickstarter for an additional $25,000 to finish the project. As expected, there are various rewards for different donation levels, but perhaps the most interesting is that every $5 donated nets donors an additional copy of the game, which they are free to keep, sell, give to a friend or just hoard.

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