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Two Guys from Andromeda Kickstart their 'SpaceVenture'


When the "Two Guys from Andromeda," designers of the Space Quest series, announced their plans to reunite for a new sci-fi adventure game, we noted the surprising lack of a Kickstarter drive. Well, surprise! There's a Kickstarter drive now.

The Guys (Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy) are seeking the increasingly industry-standard $500,000 for their PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, and Android Tablet game. They've already gathered an impressive array of voice actors they'd like to be able to pay, including narrator Gary Owens, Rob Paulsen ("NARF!") and Ellen "GLaDOS" McLain.

Rewards for the drive include phyical "special edition" boxes, your name in the credits, t-shirts, collectible Buckazoid coins, and, in the highest tiers, your likeness in alien form on the box and/or in the game. You can even vote on hilarious death sequences.

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