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MechWarrior Online unloads six preview videos

Eliot Lefebvre

With all the talk about how MechWarrior Online will play, potential players have no doubt been itching to see the game in full swing. We only recently got a peek at the first in-game screenshots, but today a veritable cascade of new information is available. Not one, not two, but six preview videos have been released, showing off the general gameplay, all four 'Mech weight classes, and the interface for customizing your 'Mech before you march it into battle.

Aside from a variety of gameplay footage (clearly unpolished but still encouraging), the videos give some insight into the game's design goals. Rather than following the route of the classic MechWarrior games that placed the heaviest 'Mechs at the top of the food chain, MechWarrior Online wants all machines to have a place on the battlefield depending on player style and battlefield objectives. But why read about it when you can watch it in action just past the break? After all, that way you're learning the same information and watching giant robots shoot at each other.

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