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Jetpack Joyride arrives on Facebook for free


Jetpack Joyride has followed in the steps of Halfbrick Studios' Fruit Ninja and is now playable in a free version over on Facebook. The new game is very similar to the iOS version. In fact, it's strikingly similar, given that there aren't any really new social elements, and even the gadgets (just arrived on iOS) are implemented and ready to buy in the store. In fact, while Fruit Ninja was a nice solid port with some original features, Jetpack Joyride seems a little more of an afterthought unfortunately.

Still, it's fun, and it's completely free. I like it, and even though it's not quite as fitting as the Fruit Ninja port, it's still Jetpack Joyride. So if you can't pull out your iPhone to play at work, maybe you can do it on Facebook.

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